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Joseph J. Jacubic
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"For God and Country"
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“For God and Country”
The American Legion, Joseph J. Jacubic Post 572
6483 State Road, Parma, Ohio 44134

Commander-Tony Kessler 440-263-0507; 1st Vice Commander-Joseph Ruland 281-4955
2nd Vice Commander-John Rader 216-470-2579; Chaplain-Art Wesley 440-888-2922
Service Officer-Barbara Hensley-Lawson 440-752-8315; Adjutant-Jerry Bucchioni 216-408-5715

Post Home: (440) 845-0572                                                                Hall Rental (440) 845-6599
Email: alpost572@yahoo.com or alposthall572@yahoo.com
October 2017
Sons of the American Legion
Squadron  572
Parma, Ohio
October 2nd (Monday)
October 9th (Monday)
Executive Committee Meeting
Regular Members Post Business Meeting
7:00 P.M.
7:30 P.M.
November 6th (Monday)
November 13th (Monday)

October 16th (Monday)
Executive Committee Meeting
Regular Members Post Business  Meeting

S.A.L. Squadron Meeting

7:00 P.M.
7:30 P.M.

7:30 PM
Saturday October 21st
S.A.L./A.L.R. Clambake
5:00 pm to 7:00 PM
Saturday November 4th
Auxiliary Hosts "Night at The Races"
Post Time 6:00 PM
Saturday November 11th
Veterans Day Dinner
Sunday December 10th
Post Children's Christmas Party
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Tickets to All Events are sold In the Canteen.



Now Open for Lunch

Monday - Thursday -
11:00 AM- 10:00 PM
Friday -
11:00AM - 1:00 AM
Saturday - 11:00 AM - Midnight
Sunday - Noon - 6:00 PM

Every Tuesday is Sandy's Taco Night in The Canteen
Homemade Shells - Build Your Own - $2.00

THURSDAYS:  Weekly drawing, 50/50’s.  $$$.  Pool table, Dart Board, Video game
machines, Bowling machine, and Pin Ball machine.  Good food and drinks at reasonable
prices.  Come join your fellow members!  Bring your family and friends.

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Please Donate Your Old Clothes and Deposit items
in the Recycle Box Located in the Parking Lot
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Commander’s Comments:  As we enter the last quarter of 2017, looking ahead to the holiday season, winter jackets, snow
shovels, turkey dinners and Christmas shopping, we reflect back a little to the past month. September was a very eventful
month as work continued on the repairs to our building foundation, the motorcycle raffle is over and the First Responders
event was a “over the top” huge success.  Thanks to the tireless efforts of 1st Vice commander Joe Ruland, membership is
booming, we are ranked #1 in new “transfers-in” in the entire department. We will have no problem meeting our quota and we
should be #1 in that category also. I am so privileged to be the commander of a post that has so many members willing to
volunteer and support the post activities. Events and activities is a big reason why we have so many transfers-in, and that is in
part a direct result of the combined efforts of our events committee and our many member volunteers.  The Iraq and
Afghanistan veterans are emerging on civilian life, and many have difficulty adjusting. The American Legion is a tremendous
resource to these veterans for finding the benefits they are entitled and to provide some comfort by being part of a family, a
place they can feel at home. Do your part, invite a veteran to our Veterans Day free dinner on November 11.   

1st Vice Commander:  The American Legion Post 572 would like to honor YOUR loved ones that are currently serving in the
military at their Veterans Day event this November 11, 2017. Send us a photo of your hero and we will properly display it in our
hall in a place of honor each Veterans Day Celebration.  Send or drop off the photo (any size) with their name, rank and were
they are serving etc.  GOLD STAR FAMILIES – Their will also be a separate display to honor your loved ones that gave the
ultimate sacrifice for our country.  Please submit a photo and any information you would like to include. Please Hurry! We must
have all photos by November 1, 2017 so that we can have time to develop this project properly.  Photos can be returned upon
request. This is a great way to show your loved ones how proud you are of them.

Renewals have slowed to a trickle; please renew your membership as soon as possible.  Our goal is to have 100% by
Veterans Day and currently we are at 80 % of quota.  We need your support to keep Post 572 strong

Welcome to our newest members:
 Antiquea Brinkley, Edward Salk, Carl Flanik, Paul Lorenz, Michael Lowe, Ronald
Sopko, Terrance Tyna, Frank Vitale, Dennis Vonderau, Gerald Wilson, Theodore Wisniewski, Walter Doerig,
Anthony Galati, Arthur Armstrong, Robert Bartos, Thomas Cordrick, Edward Spence

2nd Vice Commander:  A big congratulations goes out to Commander Kessler for another very successful First Responders
Dinner. Our Motorcycle Raffle was held and congratulations goes out to David Layne who won the motorcycle. I would like to
thank the riders and everyone that helped with ticket sales and at the drawing event. I am thinking of having hosting Trunk-n-
Treat Halloween event for children and grand-children of our members in the Post parking lot, Oct, 29 from time to be
determined. All you need to bring is candy for the children and help pass it out. Information will be placed on the bulletin board
for those interested, or you can contact me directly. Thank you, John Rader email: secondvice_alpost572@yahoo.com

Chaplains Corner: We celebrate Columbus Day this year on October 9th.  I remember learning in school that although he did
not land in America (it was probably the Bahamas or Turks Caicos) and probably not the first to discover the Americas (the
Vikings under Leif Erikson would claim this right), he is credited with making ongoing contact with Europe and the Americas.
Unfortunately, as a protest against Columbus Day, several areas in the country are not celebrating Columbus Day or are
changing it to “Indigenous Peoples' Day” or “Native American Day”. In many schools, Columbus is not regarded as a
courageous or heroic explorer, but as a murder of native people; very sad. To those who are grateful for living in the United
States because of Columbus’ voyages, Happy Columbus Day and God’s blessing to all!!!

TAPS:  They have transferred to Post Everlasting and now report to the Commander of us all.  Our deepest sympathies go to
the families of William F Sepsi, member of the Post Honor Guard, Past Service Officer and Barry N Bucchioni, Served 2 years
in Vietnam (1967-1969), 11th AVN GRP, A Company, 229th Assault Helicopter BTN, 1st Cavalry Division Airmobile Vietnam
Now is the time to renew you SAL membership! Remember why you joined the SAL Squadron and became a member of Post 572. Be
an active member and honor the service and sacrifice of our fathers and grandfathers and join in on the post events. Dues can be
paid in the Canteen by dropping and envelope into the SAL mailbox with your name, membership number, Phone number, email and
your payment by cash or check. Your dues can also be mailed with the same information to American Legion Post 572, 6483 State Rd.
Parma Ohio 44134. Dues are $20 Regular Member, $15 Jr. and Dual Membership. This year I would like to further promote the Units
of post 572 working together on all events and activities that the post has to offer. Be a part, volunteer when you can to help make
each event as successful and fun as possible!
Come to the meetings! The third Monday of every month @7:30 and learn more and be a part of the group!
SAL & ALR CLAMBAKE October 21st!!! Don’t forget to get your tickets by October 15th. You will not be able to get tickets at the door!
Steak Bake w/Clams $28, Chicken Bake w/Clams $23, extra dozen clams $7. There will be 50/50
and side boards. If you ever need to contact me please don’t hesitate to call!

Thank you, Dan Carter; SAL Commander (440)773-0863.    

This is a great way to show your loved ones how proud you are of them.