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Joseph J. Jacubic
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"For God and Country"
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“For God and Country”
The American Legion, Joseph J. Jacubic Post 572
6483 State Road, Parma, Ohio 44134

Commander-Tony Kessler 440-263-0507; 1st Vice Commander-Ivette Vinicky 440-785-9681
2nd Vice Commander-John Rader 216-470-2579; Chaplain-Jim Leggott 216-351-2707
Service Officer-Nancy Tomasch 440-887-1064; Adjutant-Jerry Bucchioni 216-408-5715

Post Home: (440) 845-0572                  Web Site alpost572.0rg                     Hall Rental (440) 845-6599
Email: alpost572@yahoo.com or alposthall572@yahoo.com

February 2020
Sons of the American Legion
Squadron  572
Parma, Ohio
Feb 3rd (Monday)
Feb 10th (Monday)
Executive Committee Meeting
Regular Members Post Business Meeting
7:00 P.M.
7:30 P.M.
March 2nd (Monday)
March 9th (Monday)

Feb 17th (Monday)
Feb 5th (Wednesday)
Executive Committee Meeting
Regular Members Post Business  Meeting

S.A.L. Squadron Meeting
A.L.R. Regular Meeting (tentative)
7:00 P.M.
7:30 P.M.

7:00 PM
7:30 PM
Saturday Feb 1st
Canteen Karaoke Night
Starting at 8:00 PM
Saturday Feb 15th
Chili Cook-off
Starting at 1:00 PM
Saturday March 14th
Corned Beef Dinner
To Be Determined
Saturday March 28th
ALR Spaghetti Dinner
To Be Determined
Sunday March 29th
Vietnam Veterans Day Program
To Be Determined
Saturday April 4th
Reverse Raffle
6:00 PM to 11:30 PM

Tickets to All Events are sold In the Canteen.


Monday - Thursday - Noon - 10:00 PM
Friday & Saturday - Noon - Midnight
Sunday - Noon - 6:00 PM




Pool table, Dart Board, Puck Bowling machine,
Touch Tunes Juke Box

Lottery, Keno, Raffle Machines & Instant Bingo

Good food and drinks at reasonable prices.  Come join your fellow members!  Bring your
family and friends.

Please Donate Your Old Clothes and Deposit items
in the Recycle Box Located in the Parking Lot
Keep an eye on SAL Events for the 2020 year! We are planning our Sunday Breakfast, Steak Roast and our co-event with
the ALR – Clam Bake! Keep an eye on this newsletter and calendar in the Canteen.  SAL Members – Membership cards are
in! get your 2019 dues in! If you haven’t renewed and you are reading this your key card may be shut off until dues are paid.
Come to the meetings! The third Monday of every month @7:00 and learn more and be a part of the group! Remember why
you joined the SAL Squadron and became a member of Post 572. Be an active member and honor the service and sacrifice
of our fathers and grandfathers and join in on the post events. Dues can be paid in the Canteen by dropping and envelope
into the SAL mailbox with your name, membership number, Phone number, email and your payment by cash or check. Your
dues can also be mailed with the same information to American Legion Post 572, 6483 State Rd. Parma Ohio 44134. Dues
are $20 Regular Member, $15 Jr. and Dual Membership. This year I would like to further promote the Units of post 572
working together on all events and activities that the post has to offer. Be a part, volunteer when you can to help make each
event as successful and fun as possible!  If you ever need to contact me please don’t hesitate to call! Thank you, Dan Carter;
SAL Commander (440)773-0863.
The February Bucket of the Month is Miller Genuine Draft. Get 5 bottles of Miller Genuine Draft in a bucket of ice for $10 all
month long. Happy Hour prices on Well Drinks and Domestic Draft Beer Monday-Friday 12-6pm.

Commander’s Comments: In my nearly 5 years as Commander of post 572, I have been blessed with the support of some
really dedicated officers, E-Board members and volunteers. Thanks to the afore mentioned, we have made great progress
toward becoming one of, if not the “best damn post in Ohio”. However, we must keep the momentum going. With nominations
for officers coming up in just a couple of months (April), we need members willing to step up and take creative and leadership
roles in our post. As a fulltime volunteer and commander, I found renewed purpose in life by continuing to serve veterans,
community and family. It is very fulfilling and gratifying to play an integral role in servicing the needs of our Veterans. It is crucial
for the future of post 572 that we have members willing to throw their hat in the ring and accept responsibility as officers or
committee members. Now is the time to start contemplating taking on a nomination. You are more than welcome to approach
existing officers with your intentions, and they would be more than happy to explain all facets of the position and even let you
“tag along” for the next 2 months. Elected officers’ position open for nomination are: Commander, 1st Vice commander, 2nd
Vice commander and Finance officer. Adjutant, Chaplain and Service Officer are positions that can be appointed by the
commander. There will also be E-board positions open. Thanks for your support and consideration.

1st Vice Commander: Our membership has been off to a good start, but we can still improve. Talk with your friends and
neighbors, if they aren’t already members, see if they want to come into the Family. We can use new members to fill our
quotas! Current renewals for 2020 stands at 361 which is 70 short of the goal. Quota currently at 84%.  We are constantly
looking to make improvements to the post in an effort make a more enjoyable experience for our members". .....Welcome to our
newest members: Richard Thompson, Donald Bomba, Roy Jech and Eric Toth

2nd Vice Commander:  American Legion Post 572 Annual Chili Cook-off will be Saturday February 15th. Contest is open to
members (or spouses) of Post 572 in good standing (2020 dues paid), and limited to 12 contestants. Dead-line for contestant
signup is Sunday February 9th. Signup sheet is behind the bar. Chili must be tabled by 12:45, and doors open at 1. Sampling
is open to the public. Cost for 12 teasers is $5. Sorry, no bowls will be sold until after judging is completed (and if there is any
Chili remaining). Come early because the Chili goes fast. Judge's and People's choice awards. I could use help setting up
(10am Saturday morning), serving, and tear-down. A volunteer signup sheet is posted on the bulletin board. Look for upcoming
events: Corned Beef Dinner March 14th and Children's Eater Pizza Party, details coming out soon. If you have any questions
please contact me at: 216-470-2579 after 7pm or email: secondvice_alpost572@yahoo.com - Thank you, John Rader

Adjutants Report:  Sunday February 2nd is Groundhog Day and although this winter has been fairly mild so far, we all know
how bad it can be in February and into March and even April.  This day is also National Four Chaplain’s Sunday as enacted by
Congress and the 13th District will be observing this day with a remembrance service at the VA Medical Centers Main Chapel
located at Wade Park starting at 1:00 PM.  Everyone public included can attend this somber service honoring 4 WWII Army
chaplains of different faiths who sacrificed their lives at sea so 4 others may live.  For you current and former Scouters the 1st
Sunday in February is Scout Sunday.  The American Legion and Scouts share a common goal which is service to the
community, state and nation.  We all share in a common history and belief in America may we never forget.  Lastly it is the day
of the last NFL game of the season, the Super Bowl.  As many of you will attend parties and plan to consume many adult
beverages, have a plan to get safely home so you can call off sick on Monday.  One day hopefully in our lifetime it will be the
Browns vs the Lions, 2 teams who have never made it to the Super Bowl.

Chaplain’s Corner: Happy February everyone, I hope you are all doing well now that winter has finally arrived.
February 1st is National Freedom Day, let us not forget all of our members, past and present who made it possible to celebrate
this day. Also remember your significant other on Valentine’s Day, and since this is Heart Month, please take care of
yourselves, we need all of you and our Honor Guard does like to be out in cold weather. Jim

TAPS:  The Adjutant reports that no Legionnaires have transferred to Post Everlasting and will not be reporting to the
Commander of us all.
Canteen Bar & Log Cabin Grill Happenings