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Joseph J. Jacubic
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"For God and Country"
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“For God and Country”
The American Legion, Joseph J. Jacubic Post 572
6483 State Road, Parma, Ohio 44134

Commander-Tony Kessler 440-263-0507; 1st Vice Commander-Ivette Vinicky 440-785-9681
2nd Vice Commander-John Rader 216-470-2579; Chaplain-Jim Leggott 216-351-2707
Service Officer-Nancy Tomasch 440-887-1064; Adjutant-Jerry Bucchioni 216-408-5715

Post Home: (440) 845-0572                  Web Site alpost572.0rg                     Hall Rental (440) 845-6599
Email: alpost572@yahoo.com or alposthall572@yahoo.com

January 2020
Sons of the American Legion
Squadron  572
Parma, Ohio
Jan 6th (Monday)
Jan 13th (Monday)
Executive Committee Meeting
Regular Members Post Business Meeting
7:00 P.M.
7:30 P.M.
Feb 3rd (Monday)
Feb 10th (Monday)

Jan 20th (Monday)
Jan 8th (Wednesday)
Executive Committee Meeting
Regular Members Post Business  Meeting

S.A.L. Squadron Meeting
A.L.R. Regular Meeting (tentative)
7:00 P.M.
7:30 P.M.

7:00 PM
7:30 PM
Friday Jan 10th
Texas Holdem Poker Tournament
Starting at 6:00 PM
Chili Cook-off
to be determined
Corned Beef Dinner
to be determined
Saturday April 4th
Reverse Raffle
5:30 PM to 11:30 PM

Tickets to All Events are sold In the Canteen.


Monday - Thursday - Noon - 10:00 PM
Friday & Saturday - Noon - Midnight
Sunday - Noon - 6:00 PM




Pool table, Dart Board, Puck Bowling machine,
Touch Tunes Juke Box

Lottery, Keno, Raffle Machines & Instant Bingo

Good food and drinks at reasonable prices.  Come join your fellow members!  Bring your
family and friends.

Please Donate Your Old Clothes and Deposit items
in the Recycle Box Located in the Parking Lot
Membership cards are in! get your 2020 dues in! If you haven’t renewed and you are reading this your key card may be shut
off until dues are paid. Come to the meetings! The third Monday of every month @7:00 and learn more and be a part of the
group! Remember why you joined the SAL Squadron and became a member of Post 572. Be an active member and honor
the service and sacrifice of our fathers and grandfathers and join in on the post events. Dues can be paid in the Canteen by
dropping and envelope into the SAL mailbox with your name, membership number, Phone number, email and your payment
by cash or check. Your dues can also be mailed with the same information to American Legion Post 572, 6483 State Rd.
Parma Ohio 44134. Dues are $20 Regular Member, $15 Jr. and Dual Membership. This year I would like to further promote
the Units of post 572 working together on all events and activities that the post has to offer. Be a part, volunteer when you
can to help make each event as successful and fun as possible!  If you ever need to contact me please don’t hesitate to call!
Thank you, Dan Carter; SAL Commander (440)773-0863.
Football Sundays - Browns' games feature food and drink specials! The January Bucket of the Month is Budweiser. Get 5
bottles of Budweiser in a bucket of ice for $10 all month long. Happy Hour prices on Well Drinks and Domestic Draft Beer
Monday-Friday 12-6pm.
Commander’s Comments: As we say farewell to 2019 and usher in 2020, I was not satisfied with the progress of the post for
the past year. Reflecting on the year past we saw some very positive happenings, but there were still some items on my bucket
list we could not accomplish due to lack of funds. Over the past two years, we have experienced some unexpected major
expenses for building maintenance and repairs. Our financial situation at the post took a big hit toward the end of 2017 when
we needed to reinforce our slipping and cracking foundation at a cost of $15,000.00, we also had a major repair cost to the
roof, a new air conditioning unit, a new condenser for the walk-in cooler, repaving of the parking lot and most recently replacing
the electrical box in the basement. Being a non-profit organization, we normally do not have that kind of money sitting in our
back account. As a result, we are still feeling the effects of those expenditures and still trying to recoup.
As a Non-profit organization we must rely on member donations and fund-raising events to maintain financial security. We have
a commitment to the charities we have pledged donations and on occasion we are hard pressed to meet those commitments as
we must pay the bills to keep the doors open. I make an appeal to our members to please support our
events, raffles and
undraisers, and donate what you can. American Legion posts are closing at an alarming rate across the country, the two
main factors are lack of money and member involvement. We must rely on your help through donations and willingness to step
up to take an officer or e-board position. We have made it a little easier for you to submit your donations, besides your check
and cash donations, you can now donate with your debit or credit card or through your PayPal account. Go to www.alpost572.
org and click on the Orange “Donate” button. We need your help to keep our doors open, any amount is appreciated…thank
you and have a great New Year.

1st Vice Commander:  I am very excited about becoming your first vice and I am hopeful that with help from all of you that we
can attain our recruitment goal for Post 572. Reaching our goal of 431 by December 31st means a financial reward from
Department.  Current renewals for 2020 stands at 344 which is 85 short of the goal.  Start the New Year off right and get
renewed. This is the time of year to enjoy the blessings of our families and friends, let us not forget those veterans who will
spend this holiday season alone.  If you know veteran who is alone, contact him or her and let them know that they will never
truly be alone.  Welcome to our newest members:
Jeffrey M Manco, Glen Schofield, Marvin J Weber, Eric Toth.                 
Ivette Vinicky, 1st Vice

2nd Vice Commander:  Children's Christmas Party Raffle Winners:  1st Prize - Mike Villanueva - $300.00,
2nd Prize - Patti Lynch - $200.00, 3rd Prize - W. Feuerstein - $100.00, 4th Prize - Richard Kruzer - $50.00.
A special Thanks to the following for their donations:  Jerry & Jackie Bucchioni, Ken & Linda Powers, Barbara Sekerak, Steve
Skapura, Tim Wolf and Knights of Columbus #5106.  As always, many thanks to the volunteers that made this event a
success.  Next Post event will be in February with the Chili Cook-off, details now being finalized, check the website and face-
book for updates.  

Adjutants Report:  I hope everyone had a great Christmas or holiday that you observe and that you survived New Year’s
celebrations.  Welcome to the newest and 6th branch of our military, The United States Space Force.  I know it sounds like
something out of Space Wars.  Just as the Air Force separated from the Army, Space Force which existed as Space Command
in the Air Force is now its own branch which is significant and is upsetting to the Chinese.  Don’t look for warriors in space in
our life time.
Please get your dues in!  The membership drive will continue until June 1st to make quota, that includes new and transfers as
well as renewals.  We have about 75 members who have yet to renew and according to the American Legion as of January 1st
you are considered delinquent, if not paid by February 1st your membership is suspended and if not paid by June 1st
membership is revoked.

Chaplain’s Corner: As we begin this New Year, perhaps it’s time to reread this quote from Fr. Dennis Edward O’Brien U.S.M.C.
“It is the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press. It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us
freedom of speech. It is the soldier, not the organizer, who gave us freedom to demonstrate. It is the soldier who salutes the
flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protester to burn the flag.”   I pray that
we will not see any flag burning in this election year.  Jim

TAPS: :  The Adjutant reports that Legionnaires James Battiato, Sam Calamia, Joseph Fattlar, have transferred to Post
Everlasting and now reports to the Commander of us all.
Canteen Bar & Log Cabin Grill Happenings