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“For God and Country”
The American Legion, Joseph J. Jacubic Post 572
6483 State Road, Parma, Ohio 44134

Commander-Tony Kessler 440-263-0507; 1st Vice Commander-Ivette Vinicky 440-785-9681
2nd Vice Commander-John Rader 216-470-2579; Chaplain-Jim Leggott 216-351-2707
Service Officer-Nancy Tomasch 440-887-1064; Adjutant-Jerry Bucchioni 216-408-5715

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April 2020
Sons of the American Legion
Squadron  572
Parma, Ohio
April 6th (Monday)
April 13th(Monday)
Executive Committee Meeting (CANCELLED)
Regular Members Post Business Meeting
7:00 P.M.
7:30 P.M.
May 4th (Monday)
May 11th (Monday)

April 20th (Monday)
April 1st (Wed)
Executive Committee Meeting
Regular Members Post Business  Meeting (

S.A.L. Squadron Meeting
A.L.R. Regular Meeting
7:00 P.M.
7:30 P.M.

7:00 PM
7:30 PM
Saturday April 4th
Reverse Raffle
Saturday April 11th
Children's Easter Pizza Party

Tickets to All Events are sold In the Canteen.


Monday - Thursday - Noon - 10:00 PM
Friday & Saturday - Noon - Midnight
Sunday - Noon - 6:00 PM



Pool table, Dart Board, Puck Bowling machine,
Touch Tunes Juke Box

Lottery, Keno, Raffle Machines & Instant Bingo

Good food and drinks at reasonable prices.  Come join your fellow members!  Bring your
family and friends.

Please Donate Your Old Clothes and Deposit items
in the Recycle Box Located in the Parking Lot
At the time this is being written our country, our post is dealing with uncertainty of what direction we are going with the
Coronavirus Pandemic. As of this moment we will plan that the SAL April Meeting is cancelled and that there will be a May
meeting, third Monday of the month at 7:00pm. If this meeting stands, we will nominate and vote for the Officers of 2020. As
Commander of the SAL for the past three years I will be asking the members in the unit to step up and be a part of unit and
support as you did when you became a member of the SAL. I will be stepping down as Commander and any other officer
positions and make way for others to step up and be an additional support to the unit, the unit you joined on behalf of your
fathers or grandfathers. Remember your supporting them, supporting the post and more importantly the support of all veterans.  

2020 Membership cards are in, you can continue to mail in your dues to the post which we will retrieve when appropriate or better
yet you can do this transaction on line By going to www.mysal.org and sign-up for an account.. We look forward to your continued
support of the SAL unit and being a member in good standing.  Dues are $20 Regular Member, $15 Jr. and Dual Membership.
This year I would like to further promote the Units of post 572 working together on all events and activities that the post has to
offer. Be a part, volunteer when you can to help make each event as successful and fun as possible!

In closing do your part with this pandemic, support the elderly, the citizens that their immunes are compromised and flatten the
If you ever need to contact me please don’t hesitate to call! Thank you, Dan Carter; SAL Commander (440)773-0863
Commander’s Comments:  In lieu of sounding redundant and overstating the obvious, we are in a space that most of us have
never been. Americans have seen disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, and in all cases, they have
survived and overcame only to emerge even stronger. But the Corona Virus crisis is not a case of material things like rebuilding
a city or building new roads, this is dealing directly with people’s lives and livelihood. As Commander of an American Legion
post, I feel compelled to do something to ease the suffering and inconvenience many of our members and citizens of our
community are experiencing, especially the elderly and ill. But I feel handcuffed amid the enormity of the situation, however we
have some of our younger and healthier members willing to step up and run errands for our elderly who are contained to their
homes. If you willing to join in this project, please email or call me.

The health issue is obviously the major concern as the death toll continues to rise, but we must also put the economic impact
right at the top of the concern list. Companies having to close, employees out of work and lack of available products of
necessity, such as medical supplies and doctors’ visits, are situations that to some could seem worse than death. The
American Legion Post 572 is more than just a “brick and mortar” business, it is a cause, and a vital asset to the community.
Providing a place to call home for our veterans, serving the community with our many donations and programs.

We unfortunately are not immune to the economic devastation that could be forthcoming, in fact being a nonprofit and having
just went through a period of costly building repairs are in great need also.
Just as the American people have come together in times of crisis, we must count on our legion family to help us out of our
crisis. Donations and purchasing tickets to our gun raffle fundraiser will go a long way to ensuring that we can keep our post
doors open…to donate or buy gun raffle tickets using credit card or PayPal, just click on the orange “donate” button on the
home page of our website. If purchasing gun raffle tickets, include your name, address and phone number in the note or
description box, tickets

1st Vice Commander: Current membership stands at 403.  For those who have yet to renew, you still can and keep your
consecutive years intact.  The Post Home may be closed but membership is open for business

2nd Vice Commander:  Our Annual Corned Beef Dinner was Saturday March 13th. I would like to thank the many volunteers
that helped with preparing, serving, and cleanup. I couldn't have done this event without you. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR
The Children's Easter Pizza Party has been cancelled. Once things return to normal.  I will be host a Children's Pizza-Games-
Movie Party. During this time of crisis, please watch out for loved ones and neighbors, help-out where and when you can.
Everyone be safe and healthy. John Rader - I can be reached at 216-470-2579 after 7pm or email:
secondvice_alpost572@yahoo.com –

Adjutants Report:  Nominations and Elections have been postponed.  Currently the plan is to do both at the Members meeting
on 11 May.  Remember if you cannot attend this meeting, email the Post accepting the nomination.  We need you now more
than ever!  Nominations for Commander, 1st and 2nd Vice Commander, Finance Officer, Executive Committee, delegates to
the 13th District and Department Convention.
I know the last thing you want to think about is The American Legion and your Post, we need to stay the course and
persevere.  We all will get through this together.  GOD bless you and your families.

Chaplain’s Corner: I hope everyone is well and following the recommendations from our health services on how to avoid
COVID19.  Also please pray for all those who have been inflicted with it already.
Please remember, “The value of persistent prayer is not that God will hear us, but that we will finally hear God.” William McGill.  
God Bless all of you, and God Bless America! Jim

TAPS:  The Adjutant reports that Legionnaire Thomas Kenney, Army-Korea, Silver Star has transferred to Post Everlasting
and now reports to the Commander of us all.
American Legion Riders
Chapter 572
Parma, Ohio
ALR Spaghetti Dinner has been cancelled. Please contact alr572parma@gmail.com for information or to request a refund for your
Gun Raffle:  Gun Raffle Tickets can now be purchased online with credit card, debit card or thru PayPal. Just go to our
webpage at: www.alpost572.org and click on the orange "Donate" button. Enter the amount total for the tickets you want to
purchase ($20.00 per ticket) and in the note or description box, enter you name, address and phone number. We will send you
your ticket stub by mail and a copy of the entry ticket. Your tickets are randomly selected from sealed envelopes. The 3 digit
number will be drawn daily during the month of July (except Sunday’s) from the Ohio lottery evening pick 3. You will be contacted
by mail and by phone if your number is drawn. Each Ticket gives you 27 chances to win. For more info got to our web page or
facebook page.